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September  – National champs (Finland) – Long distance
September  – Regional champs (Finland) – Sprint distance    1st Position
September –  Ritonda-Pradidali (Italy) – link   DNS
October –  National champs (Finland) – Sprint and Relay
October – Sipoonkorpi Trail 30 km(Finland) – link    2nd Position
October –    25 Manna (Sweden) – link 106th position

January – April  Training camps
April  – Finnspring (Finland)  D  NS (injury)
May –  National sprint & middle  champs (Italy)   9th and 15th Position
May –   10Mila (Sweden)  DNS (injury)
June – National middle distance champs (Finland) DNS (Injury)
June – Jukola (Finland)    84th Position
September  – National Champs Long and Relay (Italy)   19th and 7th Position
October – 100km Ultra Trail Jeju (South Korea) 6th Position
December  – Espoo Winter Trail (Finland) 3rd Position 

March – Training camp (Italy)
April – Finnspring Relay and Long (Finland) 44th and 48th Position
April – Schio Ultra Trail Marathon (Italy) 2nd Position
June – National sprint & middle champs (Italy) 8th and 23rd Position
June – Cortina Trail (Italy)  58th Position
July – Cima d’Asta Skyrace (Italy)  11th Position
August – Training camp (Italy)
August – Regional champs (Finland) 12th Position
September – National Champs Long and Relay (Italy)  PM and 1st Position
October – Maokong Ultra Trail (Taiwan)


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