Core strength training

Together with the daily running and orienteering trainings, we like to complete our preparation with some core strength exercises. Nothing very complex, but running in the forest and on the trails involves a lot of unusual movements and for this reason we believe that a good upper body strength can help. Not only to react to the workout routine but also to support some loads from jumps (and whatever) and avoid injuries.

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Below you can find some of our favorite core strength exercises:

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Our usual routine is just a long series of exercises with not any substantial rest in between. Short but effective workout after a run, usually two or three times a week.

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This are just some of the exercises that we put in our usual strength circuit.


The reason why we like then is that you don’t need any specific equipment, you can do them wherever you want and they can be performed by everybody because you can change the intensity of the workout according to your physical condition.