PWT China 2017

Once again I and Carlotta joined the great expedition in China, led by Park World Tour. This year as well, the competitions(Beijing O-Week) permitted us to visit some of the most iconic parks and areas of the city.

The program was tight with 5 races in 9 days, but of course, we found some time to explore China and act like normal tourists… For once…

The first sprint race took place in the surroundings of the Honglou Temple, fast decision, strong legs, and agility were required.. as always though; As I landed in Beijing only some hours before the race, my expectations were not too high, however, Carlotta ran a good race and Robert took the victory!! 😀                 Article                 Map 1           Map 2 

Despite how you’d guess, we also had a “try” of the Chinese forests… and well, it’s not a paradise… The course planning of the Middle distance was anyway really good and offered some interesting routechoices..

Article                  Middle WRE Map

The third race offered another high-speed sprint course, where navigation and compass were the most important skills. And once again top10 for both Carlotta, Robert, and Riccardo… Nice! 🙂

Article                  Sprint Map









Definitely, the most interesting competition was the Sprint World Ranking in the ruins of the Old Summer Palace, with tricky routechoices and a tough terrain. After the race, we could also re-visit the Beijing Summer Palace, a must-do whenever in China.

Article                   WRE Sprint Map









The competition week ended with a nice fast sprint around our accommodation in Langfang (about 2hours south of Beijing). With a mass-start of over 800 young students, we also could experience how the scholar high-scaled orienteering is developing in China.

Article                      Map



What makes PWT China special is how you get to know and live with a group of orienteering from all around the world, meet new people and share a laugh together.

Once again: We Love Beijing O-Week!! UUUUh

Beijing O-Week Aftermovie