Alicante 2016

IMG-20160120-WA0029As the winter condition in Norway is not always the best (-20C) , already last December  I decided with some friends to organize a short week of training camp in the famous Alicante – Spain.

IMG_20160117_120527I was there in December 2014 and I had good memories of it, so I was sure it would have worth a comeback.





As soon as I landed in Alicante, I immediately understood that it was going to be an amazing and unusual winter week. We were in fact really lucky with the weather forecast and got only 10 minutes of pouring rain in 7 days.

Schermata 2016-01-23 alle 19.35.30My daily routine was:

8AM – super easy jog to the beach (inspired by the O-King himself)

10AM – Morning orienteering session or normal run

13AM – Healty lunch followed by sunbathing on the pool

16AM – Afternoon O-Session

17AM – Snack

19AM – Night O-session

20AM – Swimming pool + sauna (sometimes strength training)

21AM – Late dinnerIMG_20160120_131339

I am really satisfied about this camp, I managed to train well and push hard some training..


But most important, I had lot of fun and I enjoyed every single minute of it (including an early wake up due to a “headlamp-battery” explosion.


Never trust low-cost headlamp, they can be safe and perfect for night orienteering.. But they can also become a low-cost way to blow up your cottage if you leave them charging in the plug for few hours more than usual 🙂

IMG-20160120-WA0003 IMG-20160120-WA0004


The training camp  included some famous courses such as the Thierry´s N course, where my time was 21´:30″ (as you can see I missed a bit).

Schermata 2016-01-23 alle 20.27.43 Schermata 2016-01-23 alle 20.27.51







On my Strava you can see what we actually did:

I must thank Bv-Sport  and Nonamesport for the amazing support during the camp, it is always better to train with top clothes and Bv-booster.

A special thanks to Eddy Sandri, our training partner who drove us everywhere, cooked for us (we did the washing of course :)) and kept us healthy with lot of fruit, vegetable and fresh food. 527093_392796104118848_1697327555_n



P.s As Tommaso wrote, we will compete in Italy with the PWT Italia team guided by Gabriele Viale, check out their facebook page and web site to discover amazing orienteering adventures!



IMG-20160122-WA0009Coming next is a training camp and few competitions in Portugal in February with my Norwegian club Lillomarka OL, I am really looking forward to it, but first let´s enjoy some winter days in Oslo and work a little 😉 .

After Portugal? I will…

Stay tuned!! You are going to here from me again very soon…